Career Paths in the Beauty Industry

Beauty school training offers a wide variety of career options. Discover which career path in the beauty industry is right for you when you enroll at Brillare.

If you believe a future career in Cosmetology is promising, you’ve got the right idea! Cosmetology is one of the fastest-growing career fields, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Employment opportunities for hairdressers, hairstylists, cosmetologists, estheticians, manicurists, and pedicurists is steadily growing, and these specialties can provide satisfying careers. The average hairstylist salary has also increased, making this a great career option. Brillare Beauty Institute gives you the training and experience you need to pursue a career path in the beauty industry.

Career Paths in Makeup and Beauty

When you enroll in cosmetology or esthetician school, you open up a whole new world of career possibilities. You can take your skills anywhere, and if you’re a cosmetologist, you could work day-to-day in a salon, or you could become a beauty influencer or a celebrity hair and makeup stylist. On the other hand, estheticians can work in luxury spas or medical spas, or they could work to develop and sell skincare products. Read on below to find out more about your career options.

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Cosmetology Career Paths

When you choose a cosmetology career path, you’ve opened the door to a variety of professions, including hairstylist, salon or spa manager, beautician, wedding or event stylist, fashion show stylist, and more. You could begin a lucrative career with your cosmetology license when you enroll in our one-year program. We also offer scholarships for students who exemplify professionalism during their time in the classroom and our student-run salon. You can put this grant toward your tuition costs at the end of your education.

Esthetician Career Paths

An esthetician’s career path can lead to many different occupations, including skincare specialist, makeup artist, medical esthetician, medical spa manager, wax/hair removal specialist, cosmetics marketer, beauty consultant, and more. Get a competitive edge when you learn to care for people, supplies, and equipment properly in our six-month program. Our esthetician program gives our students hands-on training from day one! During your first day at Brillare Beauty Institute, you’ll perform a facial on your fellow students and begin the study of full-body skincare and makeup.

Instructor Training

What if you’re already a licensed cosmetologist and you’re ready to teach others about the beauty business? Take that next step in your career through Brillare’s cosmetology instructor program. When you become a licensed cosmetology instructor, you won’t be limited to working in the classroom. In the beauty industry, you can be a platform artist, beauty school instructor or manager, independent educational consultant, and more.

Learn how to assess students, create lesson plans, and work on classroom management skills with our four-month program. Once you complete 300 hours of study, the state can approve you to work as a cosmetology instructor after a state board practical exam. Additionally, we offer scholarships for teachers who want to stay and work at Brillare Beauty Institute after completing their continuing education.

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Bella Lash

Since the eyelash extension sector of the beauty industry is growing rapidly, earning a Bella Lash certification is a great way to differentiate yourself from other cosmetologists. You can use this certification to complement your hair and makeup or skincare skills, or you can specialize as a lash artist. Bella Lash is one of the top providers of high-quality lash extensions. If you are a current licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, you can enroll in our two-day workshop to become fully certified with the Bella Lash Classic Starter Kit.

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