Our Cosmetology School Experience

Discover all the information you’ll need about becoming a student at Brillare Beauty Institute. Learn all you need to know about our cosmetology school experience.

Our Beauty School Experience

Your beauty school experience should be as educational as a college experience. That’s why we believe in teaching our students through hands-on learning rather than learning through textbooks. When you enter our classroom as a cosmetology student, you start out coloring and cutting hair on mannequins and models. Once you complete your classroom hours, you move to our student-run SalonSpa to cut and color hair for our clients.

When you enroll as an esthetics student, you start out performing Dermalogica facials and chemical peels on your fellow students in the classroom, and you learn more advanced skin care techniques from there. After you complete your classroom hours, you move into our student-run SalonSpa, where you provide our clients with facials, advanced chemical peels, light therapy, microdermabrasion, and other skincare procedures.

Discover what daily life is like at Brillare, how our partnerships help our students, and what our students go on to do after they graduate.

Life at Brillare

Find out the details of everyday life at Brillare Beauty Institute. From the tools you use to the rhythms of the classroom, you can discover the details of our school’s operations.

Success Stories

You may wonder what your life after Brillare will look like. These former students’ stories show you how you can succeed professionally after you complete beauty school.

Non-Profit Status

Learn what Brillare Beauty Institute’s nonprofit status really means and how it helps us provide for our students. We have to meet specific requirements to earn and maintain this status, and we want our prospective students to know that all that effort contributes to their education.

Life Outside of Campus

In between classes, demonstrations, appointments, and exams, make time for fun and relaxation. There are lots of places to go and enjoy yourself with your beauty school friends. No matter if you attend the Cleveland or Chattanooga campus, there’s plenty of things to do in Tennessee.

Learn More About Our Programs

Find out the details of our cosmetology and esthetics programs, so you can decide which program track fits you best. After you decide, reach out to us to enroll in your chosen program.

Professional Kit

Our esthetics students receive professional-grade kits full of supplies and tools they can take with them throughout their careers. For example, the Dermalogica kits include cleansers, toners, massage gels, scaling gels, face mapping prescription sheets, and many more useful tools and products. Meanwhile, our bt-GEAR kits provide students with technological skincare equipment such as the bt-sonic facial cleansing brush and the bt-micro ultrasonic exfoliation device. We procure these kits for our students, so they always have access to a comprehensive collection of esthetics tools and equipment, no matter where they work after graduation.

Career Path

Discover the different career paths available to you after you attend cosmetology school or esthetician school at Brillare. With a cosmetology license, you could become a hairstylist, a salon or spa manager, or an event stylist, among other occupations. When you become a licensed esthetician, you could work at a medical spa, practice makeup artistry, market cosmetics, become a beauty consultant, or work in many other beauty industry niches. Attending beauty school opens up all these opportunities and prepares you for a successful career.


At Brillare, we are proud of the professional partnerships we have cultivated over the years. Because of these partnerships, our esthetics students receive professional-grade kits from Dermologica, Bio Therapeutics, and others. They can take these kits with them throughout their careers. Meanwhile, our partnerships with CHI and REDKEN give our cosmetology students access to high-quality beauty industry products that will help them hone their hairstyling skills.

Cosmetology and Esthetics FAQs

Becoming a cosmetologist or esthetician can feel liberating but overwhelming—Brillare’s here to answer your pressing questions.

Learn About Enrollment Today

Are you ready to launch your beauty career? Or are you looking for SalonSpa services? Whatever your needs are, feel free to reach out to us at Brillare Beauty Institute today. We can help you find what you’re looking for.