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Find out how our hands-on activities prepare you for a successful career in the beauty industry.

If you have a positive attitude and want the benefits of hands-on learning, Brillare Beauty Institute teaches you everything you need to be a beauty professional! Our students work hands-on from day one instead of reading from a textbook. With so many resources at your disposal, there’s no better place to learn your craft as a beauty professional.

Professional Tools

We believe that providing our students with high-quality tools in their kits encourages our students to perform at their best. Furthermore, we use Keune’s color and retail professional line along with CHI’s professional color and retail line to help assure our students’ seamless transition into becoming a professional Cosmetologist once they’ve graduated.

Additionally, our esthetics students receive professional-grade kits from Dermalogica, PCA, and bt-GEAR. These kits have everything they need to perform hands-on training in esthetician school. Our students can also take these kits from the esthetic program to the spas or salons where they work. This helps our students immensely, since they don’t have to purchase extra equipment when they get a job in a certain spa or salon.

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Learn About Our Professional Partners

Our professional partnerships allow our students access to techniques and resources that give them a competitive edge in the job market. Find out how these partnerships provide you with additional training and more.

Your Education at Brillare

Classroom Work

Our classrooms aren’t like traditional school classrooms. They come equipped with workstations built for experiential learning. First, our students work with mannequin heads to perfect their skills before they work on live models. Next, students get to cut, dye, perm, and style clients’ hair before they are introduced to our student-run SalonSpa. Our SalonSpa gives students the real-world experience they need to enter into the beauty world. Our SalonSpa has:

  • 26 hair stations
  • 5 spa facial tables
  • 2 practical rooms
  • 2 manicure/pedicure chairs
  • 4 make-up stations

Our spa features luxury brands such as PCA and Dermalogica, so students and clients both get what they want from a beauty school and its SalonSpa. Also, our proprietary software helps us account for the work done in the spa by our students. We track how many cuts, dyes, and perms you perform, so you can accurately tell your future employers about your cosmetology school experience and the hours you’ve performed in each category.

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Explore Your Financial Aid Options

Connect with our financial aid office to find out how you can afford our esthetics or cosmetology program.

Our Student-Run SalonSpa

What better way to learn than in a hands-on, real-life environment? After 300 hours of learning the cuts and color techniques of styling, our cosmetology students spend almost all their time in our professional salon, which is open to the public. Our esthetic students begin working on clients in our spa after practicing an array of skin care techniques for 150 hours. When they transition into our SalonSpa, students practice and refine their new skills. Our students are coached and encouraged to focus on the skills that will give them sustainable successful careers as estheticians or cosmetologists.

State Exam

To get your certificate and enter the job market, each student must pass the Tennessee State Cosmetology Licensing Exam. As your beauty school, we pay for your state test fees and we train you to pass the written and practical exams. You’ll also have the opportunity to perform a practice test held at our SalonSpa.

Join the Beauty Industry Through Brillare

Beginning your education at Brillare Beauty Institute is the best way to start your career in cosmetology or esthetics. If you think Brillare is a good fit for you, schedule your tour of the campus today!

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