Cosmetology Program Enrollment

Find out which steps you need to take to apply to and enroll in our esthetics or cosmetology program.

The Basics of Our Beauty School Enrollment Eligibility

To become a Brillare student, you must be older than 17 and have a high school diploma or a GED. If you meet those age and education requirements, you can begin our application process.

If you’re considering attending an esthetics or cosmetology program, you may wonder how the beauty school admissions process works. Here you can learn about our esthetics and cosmetology school enrollment and application steps, so you can start the process.

Apply Now

Here you’ll find the application process steps, including an application form. Additionally, you’ll learn about visiting our campus and talking to students working on our SalonSpa floor and in our classrooms. You can also discover how and why we put campus visits ahead of filling out the form for application during the enrollment process.

Getting Started

This page has more information on our enrollment process, program eligibility, and campus visits. If you want to attend school at Brillare, this is a great place to start. You can learn all you need to know about being accepted into our program.

Discover Our Professional Partnerships

Find out which industry-leading companies’ products and procedures you work with and learn to use during your beauty school education. These partnerships provide our students with certain advantages, such as professional-grade bt-GEAR kits for our esthetics students and CHI kits for our cosmetology students.

Financial Aid for Beauty School Admissions Process

Do you need financial help to afford your cosmetology or esthetics education? If you do, reach out to our financial aid office today. They have the resources to help you access the scholarships, grants, and other aid sources you need to make your beauty school education a reality for those who qualify. From federal funding to our own scholarships and grants, we make sure you receive all the assistance you need.

Beauty School Enrollment Disclosures

Before you enroll at Brillare, you should know what our completion, licensure, and placement rates are. You can find that data on our Disclosures page, along with information about our state licensing and accreditation. You can also view our transfer hours and inclusion policies there.

Learn About Enrollment Today