A beauty school’s partnerships determine the competitive edge it offers its students. Find out why and how our partnerships give you the edge you need to achieve your dream career.

When you enroll in beauty school, you should choose a school that has professional partnerships with companies offering high-quality products and training opportunities. Brillare partners with top-quality companies to provide our students with career-boosting certification opportunities, especially in our esthetics program. See below to learn more about our professional partners.

Esthetics Partners

Brillare partners with top-quality companies that give our esthetics students the products, professional-grade kits, and training opportunities they need to succeed as skincare professionals. By leveraging multiple partnerships with companies of this caliber, we boost the quality of the education we offer our students.


Dermalogica was founded in 1986, and it focuses on improving skin health rather than providing beauty, pampering, or luxury. Its products and procedures offer skin therapy that keeps skin healthy as it grows and ages. We send our students to Dermalogica’s Atlanta headquarters to attend a two-day class that prepares them to become certified skin therapists. They also provide professional-grade kits our students can use and bring with them throughout their esthetics careers.



Bio-Therapeutic has combined technology with traditional skincare methods since 1974. They provide our esthetics students with bt-GEAR kits they can use throughout their careers. These kits provide the skincare technology our students need to provide their clientele with top-quality esthetics services.


Jane Iredale Cosmetics

Since 1994, Jane Iredale Cosmetics has been leading the industry in creating clean makeup products that are actually beneficial for a healthy skincare regimen. Their makeup kits provide our students with foundational tools that can make even the most troublesome skin glow.

Skin Script Skin Care

Brillare partners with Skin Script Skin Care to offer aspiring aestheticians access to the latest chemical peels, exfoliants, masks, moisturizers, toners, and more.

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Cosmetology Partners

We also maintain partnerships that give our cosmetology students access to top-quality products and training opportunities. Our students use these products as they learn to cut, color, and style hair.


Founded in 1948 by Hans Erich Dotter, Goldwell has consistently upheld its reputation as a premier supplier of hair products for a quarter of a century. Goldwell offers an extensive range of innovative hair care and styling solutions that cater to a variety of diverse hair needs. Whether you desire vibrant and long-lasting color, defined and textured styles, or impeccably smooth and frizz-free locks, Goldwell’s impressive product lineup ensures you can wear your hair just the way you want.

At Brillare, we’re proud to partner with this illustrious brand—they not only provide exceptional hair care products but are on our campuses each week, working directly with our cosmetology students. By giving our students access to professional-grade products, we encourage them to grow and ensure they have the confidence, poise, and finesse to deliver exceptional results when working in a professional salon.


Denman has been a mainstay in haircare for nearly a century, and their brushes have been found in almost every professional toolkit since the 1960s. Today, Brillare offers aspiring cosmetologists access to a wide selection of Denman brushes to bring out amazing results across a diverse range of hair types.


Redken started in the 1960s when Paula Kent and Jheri Redding joined forces to study the chemistry of healthy hair. Their revolutionary research transformed the hair care industry, and now Redken’s products empower our cosmetologists to achieve healthy hair transformations with a range of coloring products, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and more.


CHI is a line of hair care products and tools produced by Farouk Systems, which was founded in Houston in 1986 by Dr. Farouk Shami. CHI’s tools and products continually integrate hair care and styling innovations. This includes introducing NASA technology into the hair care industry. We use their tools and products in our salons so our students can provide top-quality results to our customers.

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