Cosmetology and Esthetics FAQs

Becoming a cosmetologist or esthetician can feel liberating but overwhelming—Brillare’s here to answer your pressing questions.

Earning your cosmetologist or esthetician license is an admirable accomplishment. Keep in mind choosing the right school and career path requires thorough research and serious consideration. Start here to help ease the decision-making process.

Are You Considering a Cosmetology or Esthetics Career?

Beautifying the world one person at a time brings joy to many hair and skin specialists and their clients. Cosmetology and esthetics are lucrative careers that show no signs of slowing down. More people are becoming certified as the industry evolves. Perhaps your passion for hair, skin, or nails has led you to our page. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place.

The different schools, training courses, and niche markets are a lot to consider, and you want to be confident in your decision. Brillare Beauty Institute wants its potential students to feel empowered and informed. Before finalizing your decision, read these frequently asked questions regarding our school:

Is Your School Accredited and Licensed?

Brillare is a licensed and accredited non-profit beauty institute serving the state of Tennessee. We’re recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, which enables our students to receive Title IV funds.

Do You Accept FAFSA?

Yes, Brillare accepts FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Going online and properly filling out your FAFSA is the first step in applying for financial aid. The amount of money you’re approved for depends on factors like your current taxable income, marital status, and whether or not you have dependents.

Do You Offer Financial Aid?

After submitting your FAFSA, Brillare offers its students the necessary guidance to lead to the learning experience of a lifetime. Financial aid, including our Professionalism Scholarship and Alumni Grant, is available to qualifying cosmetology and esthetics students. They may also apply for monies available through the U.S. Department of Education.

We understand all that goes into applying for financial assistance, so we make ourselves available to ease the process. We urge FAFSA applicants to schedule an in-person consultation to discuss their options.

What Kind of Learning Environment and Hands-On Opportunities Will I Have?

At Brillare, we prepare students for the real world early on. Our learning environment is progressive yet detail-oriented. Cosmetology and esthetics students have a hands-on learning experience in the classroom, practicing techniques on each other and on mannequins.

Cosmetology students learn about hair and nail care and styling techniques. Esthetics students learn how to perform different facials, advanced chemical peels, hair removal, and other body treatments.

After students pass their initial training, they can begin at our student-run Salon/Spa, where they’ll perform services on real clients. Additionally, we offer students shadowing opportunities, where they’ll spend a day working at a salon or spa to see what’s expected and get a feel for the career and all it entails.

What’s the Difference Between Cosmetology and Esthetics?

A cosmetologist primarily performs hair and nail services for clients inside a beauty salon. Cosmetologists have a broad skill set that enables them to offer limited skin care services, but not as many as an esthetician.

Those certified in esthetics focus on skincare and body treatments. Estheticians perform facials, makeup application, hair removal, massage therapy, and other services pertaining to the skin and body.

Brillare offers both programs and helps lead students to the most suitable one for them.

Do You Provide Any Supplies for Students?

Brillare provides cosmetology and esthetics students with their own professional kit during training and to take with them once they graduate. Cosmetology kits include CHI styling tools and products, mixing bowls, and brushes, to name a few. Esthetics kits are filled with Dermalongica formulations, like cleansers and masques, and SkinScript products, such as serums and toners. Brillare does everything to ensure students are equipped with what they need to succeed.

What Is the Average Cost and Duration of Each Program?

To become a licensed cosmetologist through Brillare, students must complete 1,500 hours of training, which takes about a year. The total cost for the cosmetology program is $20,400, including tuition, the professional kit, and fees.

Brillare’s esthetician program is three days a week for 30 weeks. Students can make their esthetician dreams come true for a total cost of $12,550, including tuition, the professional kit, and fees.

Does Your School Have Multiple Locations?

Brillare has two conveniently located campuses in Tennesee, including Cleveland and Chattanooga. Our goal is to make ourselves and resources accessible to more students across the region. Students can choose which location works best for them and apply accordingly.

What’s the Application Process Like?

We aim to make applying and enrolling in our institute as simple as possible. To apply to Brillare, call our campus, or submit your contact information on our site. Our dedicated specialists are happy to discuss your options and answer your questions. After receiving your information, we schedule an appointment with our financial advisor and coordinate a tour at either of our Tennesee locations.

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